From time to time I write a bit of poetry. Here’s one sample. The accompanying photo is by my wife, Yvonne.

by Johnny Carlton

Copyright 2011 Johnny Giesbrecht

A soul searing bluish white
Crooked spear of electric light
Rends the sky and thunder follows fast–
Not a drum roll but a numbing blast.

A harbinger this was,
For the storm is not yet here,
But rolls on wheels of thunder
Across a field of fear.

Those who see it coming hide–
All mice and men and mules;
The only ones who fear it not
Are babes and poet-fools.

My room is dim, my lamp turned low–
More humble yet its feeble glow
Appears against the window wide,
Where mighty forces flash, then hide.

And so it is with men;
Their Earthly splendor quails
And fails when there is greater
Glory on the scales.

And that there is, for we are small
In a universe so wide
That all of us and thunderstorms
Are one wave on the tide.

Soul searing bluish light,
And thunder shaking up the night;
The storm is here with pounding, driving rain,
And I have written poetry again.

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