Welcome to this site.  I’m Johnny Carlton, a writer of suspense thrillers and some non-fiction.  My stories under the Carlton byline–thirteen full-length books, thus far–are available at the Amazon Kindle store as e-books.  Two of them have appeared in print.

I also write under my legal name, Johnny Giesbrecht, and most of those books are available from Amazon as e-books.  Two of them have been published in print by Moody Press of Chicago.

Why two names?  At least partly to make it easier for readers to know what they’re getting:

As Johnny Carlton I write hard-edged thrillers, morally good but not the kind of book you’d want to read a chapter of every evening to your kids around the dinner table.  My Carlton novels deal honestly with adult situations and problems and they don’t beat around the bush in regard to sexuality, good and bad.  As well they deal with negative and violent situations that, unfortunately, humans are involved in on this messed-up planet.  Without any preaching, the protagonists of these stories inspire and challenge us, even prepare us for the desperate situations that some of us may get into–sometimes as a result of our own bad choices, but sometimes through no fault of our own.  Presenting this kind of a challenging fictitious mirror image of life requires, in my opinion, a good measure of realism, which includes not-so-nice language used by some of the not-so-nice characters in the story.  Taking this approach to prepare and inspire the reader–but mainly to entertain him or her with something they can get their teeth into–means that the Johnny Carlton thrillers present a wide range of values, thoughts, and emotions: heroism and cowardice, pain and pleasure, wisdom and stupidity, love and hatred.  And these stories are always on the side of good.

Like the work of Dean Koontz, the Johnny Carlton thrillers, from book to book, take on shadings from a variety of genres: action, adventure, mystery, romance, science fiction, fantasy, police drama, etc.  There are even a couple of unusual thriller-Westerns.  One thing that I hope and expect readers will find in all of them is page-turning excitement, suspense, and heart-warming human interest.

The Johnny Giesbrecht material, although having many of the same absorbing elements that make for a good read, are designed for those who prefer something more conservative.  Unlike the Johnny Carlton books, the Johnny Giesbrecht books can be read around a family dinner table and then discussed without any blushing.  Yet they are also exciting and challenging in subject matter, and as realistic as possible within the necessary family framework.

The purpose of this site, however, is not only to advertise the availability of my commercially marketed books, but to give readers the opportunity to read some of my work, on-line, free of charge.  Among other items in this category, there are two complete non-fiction books:   LIFE under CARLTON BOOKS, and FAITH AND WORKS under GIESBRECHT BOOKS.  Keep checking the BLOG for articles, short stories, poems, etc.

May you have a wonderful life.



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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! What a great endeavor you have made, Johnny and Yvonne. I understand it is not an easy task to get books published especially the first one. Want to wish you
    God’s Blessings as you continue in this adventure.
    Jan Heikkila

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