The Black Mouse and the White Rat

by Johnny Carlton

Copyright 2012 Johnny Giesbrecht

Johnny Carlton is a writer of suspense thrillers available as e-books at

(I wrote this while I had a headache and didn’t feel good enough  to do anything more important.)


Once there was a little mouse

Who lived by himself in a little house.

His favorite food was corn on the cob,

And his second choice was shish kabob.


But he was lonely in his house,

So he said, “I’ll marry me a mouse.”

Yet the best he could find was a hot white rat

That he bravely rescued from the jaws of a cat.


Their wedding took place near the rhubarb plant;

The best man and bridesmaid were a bug and an ant.

For their honeymoon they took a long hike

All around the garden on a two-seater bike.


They stopped for the night at the Motel Gopher Hole,

And the white rat said, “Now pour on the coal!”

After a while a bellboy called Bob

Brought them a platter of corn on the cob.


But the white rat refused to touch any food;

She said she just wasn’t in the mood.

The mouse ate slowly—when he finished his corn

A little baby mouse-rat was born.


The three went home, the honeymoon over,

And lived in their house in a field of clover.

They were happy together, day after day,

Which proves that mixed marriages work out okay.